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The final pass, Kancamagus Pass is now behind us!! It is all...

As we sat under a patio umbrella having lunch in Center Conway,...

We finally crossed into Maine, our 14th and final state!!

The peaceful Saco River running through the campground in Fryeburg, Maine

Sept 5 - 3 months today we have been on the road! Hard to believe! We have come so far and had so many wonderful experiences! It is hard to believe we have come this far even tho we are the ones who did the pedaling! An amazing story of adventure and experiences and we are so very blessed to have had the opportunity to make this journey and share it with so many wonderful friends; friends from the beginning and friends made along the way!! Thank you all for your wonderful support and good wishes and of course those prayers for our safety, they certainly worked and we are so grateful for all of you!!

As we got closer to the mountains of the east, people would literally roll their eyes when they heard of our journey and our destination! Oh, they would say, you have some hills ahead of you there and then they would fall into a description of the challenge of those hills! As you all know, they had us convinced of the short, sharp and steep grade they made sound impossible and we have been worried!! We feared those "pointy bits" on our maps that indicated the elevation gain! I am happy to say, so far they have proved to be much easier than expected! We have met the challenge easily and are very relieved to have made it this far! But there was one final summit staring us in the face, and today is the day we put it behind us! The Kancamagus Pass. It only has an elevation of 2,800 ft but it has been waiting for us! It doesn't sound much after the 6,000+ ft of the Washington passes but it was haunting us! And we did it, just as easy as the other ones!! What was all the fuss about?? The grade was ok, and the climb was about 14 miles long!! It was just perseverance and pedaling! Before you know it we were at the top and the rest as they say is downhill!! It was actually about 20 miles of downhill!! Now we no longer live in anticipation of the any more big climbs! It feels good! Bar Harbor here we come!!

We were so happy to have Kancamagus behind us, the rest of the day went quite well and we crossed into our final and 14th state . . .MAINE! what a day of landmarks! MAINE!! Bittersweet . . .exciting because we are approaching our goal and at the same time, sad because we are approaching our goal! I do not want it to be over!

We rode into Maine with no real fanfare, but there was a sign and a short bicycle path. Not really sure of its purpose, it was only 1 1/2 miles long and because of it we missed the town of Fryeburg! We were headed to a campground and had all the food we needed, so we pressed onto our camp for the night.

This could be another book, campgrounds. Perhaps I should be a travel writer and critique all the campgrounds and accommodations! A secret camper!! It was an interesting campground. To be fair, it was the first day after the long weekend and I guess it was packed for 3 days. The campground host was very interesting and very helpful to us. We needed electricity so he loaned us a 50 ft extension cord, escorted us to several sites to choose from and let us plug in to the building and let us camp wherever "the cord" let us!! Funny there were a few left over campers from the weekend, for a short time. Once we got in and settled, they all left!! I guess they took advantage of the beautiful day and spent it on the water, then came back to pack up and head back to wherever they came from and face the first day back at work after 3 days off! So now we had the whole place to ourselves! The quiet and still Saco River flowed thru the camp, we strolled down to the sandy river bed and walked barefoot thru the sand. A strange feeling to have our toes wiggling in the sand, seems like forever since enjoying sand between our toes!! A very still evening, all is well, we are getting so close now!

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