Julie and Eric visit Central France travel blog

Day eight- auxerre and slowing down

After another amazing breakfast, this time with french toast. Yes bread consumption goes on, and i know my middle is expanding in consequence. We decided to recognize labor day with some morning downtime since the maison's setting was so peaceful. Eric read, i updated this journal, drank tea, admired the view, and went to visit thierry and anne's horses and ponies. Only one came out to see me (it was raining, after all) and we had a chat and he tried to walk me to where the fence was not electrified so i could feed him. Smart pony.

I was a little daunted by the prospect of not DOING something but in retrospect it was lovely.

We went into auxerre, the next town, for lunch (again a salad for me) and to check out the sights. Another nice church. Nice streets, but a lot of rain made walking less enjoyable.

We decided we liked last night's meal so much ( at Au Fil du Zinc) we went back without reservations. They greeted us happily and this time we got more banter from the servers. Eric got his first experience with french flirting from the tall slender frenchwoman who really took a liking to eric's attempts to speak french (which were improved by chablis consumption). My dessert this night was to die for. We concluded it was in the top tier of meals we had in france.

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