Julie and Eric visit Central France travel blog

View from our suite's balcony

One of several canals in town. This one went under the restaurant...

We had a quick drive via the A6 to chablis. A much smaller town than Beaune, Chablis is a one trick pony. She is all about the mineral-infused white wine made from chardonnay grapes, and like most people here it is what we came for.

While there's no moat and its not on a hill, the town does have walls and castle-like entrances.

This time we are staying in a chambre d' hote (what the french call a b&b) just outside of town. On our way to it we pass a charming campground (i'm not joking -- it had a little bridge and flowers surrounding the campsites), garden plots, a chicken coop, and a pasture hosting three donkeys and a sheep.

We pull up to a beautifully restored maison overlooking pasture and a stream.Thierry, our host, speaks fluent english and greets us heartily. He offer us the choice of switching rooms since it is hot and what we booked was on the top floor. (It is hot -- mid eighties). We take his offer of the family suite and it is huge. Our bathroom has two sinks and a separate wc chamber, our room has a small balcony, a fridge, and is well ventilated by lots of airy windows. The decor is modern but the window frames and walls are original. Its a nice place. We settle in and agree to have breakfast at 9 am. Tonight we are the only guests.

We unpack, discuss dinner options, and i book places for tonight and sunday. Then we head into town for a stroll and our dinner.

We ate at the second ranked restaurant in town and found it rather lacking, especially given its affiliation with the william fevre winery ( one of the most widely available chablis in the states). But hey, the wine was good. Back to the maison around 10:30, where the room had already cooled down a bit since sunset.

The french windows are without screens, so to keep the windows open you will admit insects. This is not my favorite idea but since sweating all night didn't sound good either we went for it. Happily, french bugs demonstrated good manners and seemed to stay outside -- no mosquitos, and only one little mothlike thing came in while the lights were on.

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