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The Nestled Inn, Bethel VT . . We got The Rose Room

Beautiful downtown Bethel, VT as we enjoyed a glass of wine watching...

Camping in East Thetford, so nice to be in sunshine and our...

Where did the sun go?? We woke up to heavy fog and...

We had a lovely night in "The Rose Room" at our Bether B&B. Woke up to heavy fog, but Rick had a great breakfast ready to get us on our way. Just a wee reminder at this point for anyone who thinks we have given up camping because we are in so many B&B's . . . We are just in an area in Vermont that has no campgrounds on our route, or even motels!! There are only B&B's along here, and they are really awesome!! It is not a bad way to travel!

This morning is one of the mornings we have been just not looking forward to, we have ourselves freaked out over the mountains in the east! Today should be the second hardest of the 2 climbs we have left. I am so happy to say, it was almost a breeze! Beautiful scenery, and we made it with no drama!! Stopped for a bit of lunch at a picnic table In Thetford Center and made it to our campground after another short push on the road.

Great campground at East Thetford! It is Friday of Labor Day weekend and we were lucky to get a camping site. He did not want to give us an electric site in advance without a two night minimum, but said if we got in early he would give us one on the day. We made it early enough and got a really nice site under beautiful tall trees! The RV's poured in the rest of the day, everyone wanted to get started on the weekend! We spent about 3 hrs on the phone trying to get ourselves organized for Saturday night. I am not leaving this camp tomorrow if we have no place to go to!! We called every single place we could find on the Internet for many miles along our road tomorrow and could find one room!! Again, because of the Labor Day weekend, we had to commit to 2 nights, the next two nights.

Once we got that organized, decided to go and see what was exciting in East Thetford!. OMG . . . The campground host warmed us it was downhill, but it was over a mile of big downhill!! Fun going down, but could only think about having to go back up to get home! Oh well! East Thetford consists of a small supermarket, a cafe and a bank! The supermarket sold wine, what better way to dress up our freeze dried dinner of Sweet and Sour Pork!! We know how to make a party!! For the trip home, we tried the alternate route back to camp. It took us on a hard packed gravel road, but it was pretty exciting, it always feels like we are someplace so secret when we find these back roads, some thing very private; a special surprise for being adventurous!!

We enjoyed our wine, a good meal and an early bedtime! Tomorrow we hit a big one!! We know we can do it and once at the top it is all downhill to Lincoln! That is where we will be waiting the Labor Day Weekend out.

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