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Back in the car, and this time we were directed British James (the GPS voice we selected) to the A6, which was a toll road. Simple and fast, the pavement smooth, and a speed limit of 130 kph. Eric sailed along and we made it to our next little village in about 30 minutes.

Semur-en-Auxois was slightly larger, also on a hill and also medieval but without a castle -- just a walled town. Today it seems a lot of folks have homes within the ramparts. We parked outside the walls, crossed the adorable bridge which went over some sort of river, thru the ramparts via a staircase tunnely thing and we were deposited in the town square which big shock had a large church.

We miscalculated here. It was 12:30 and we sat at a cafe for a casual lunch. Because we ate first, we saw as were ate that our fellow patrons were rather dressed up, and as thru left the cafe's patio all headed in the direction of the church. (Fyi i had a salad nicoise, and eric had something like a calzone with tomato sauce and ham and cheese and apparently a soft cooked egg for good measure. Burgundians love eggs in everything. My salade had lots of eggs, but no potatoes, and anchovies instead of tuna. It was still great).

And yes, a wedding was eminent, confirmed by the arrival of the bride in a decorated but otherwise normal suv bearing a sign that read "Vive Les Maries" on the back. So we couldn't enter this particular cathedrale from the middle ages that particularly venerated Mary. (Guess we'll have to hit that up in the next town.) we walked thru the town to the location of their former drawbridge (alas, removed) and then back to our car. While we intended to also visit the Abbey of Fontenay on our trip, we decided to opt for the easier and shorter drive via the autoroute. Onto Chablis!

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