Julie and Eric visit Central France travel blog

We had a quick breakfast, checked out, stopped by the supermarche for bottled water, and hit the road.

[that makes it sound easy. In truth, saturday morning at the only supermarket in this town in France meant it was a shitshow with no place to park. After several failed attempts which were thwarted by drivers more experienced in navigating narrow parking lots in France, Eric double parked with hazards.]

Realizations on the journey from Beaune to Chateauneauf-en-Auxois

* the GPS is worthless

* country roads in france aren't even one American lane wide

* we are taking the smallest, most circuitous route possible

* it is possible to remark, "look there's the A6, seems like we should be on that" five times in 75 minutes

* the desire to see a medieval castle doesn't outweigh the appreciation for a nice wide road

But once we got there seeing a castle was super cool. The inside of this one is nothing special, per Rick Steves, so we didn't go in. We checked out the castle courtyard, peeked at the ramparts from a side view, and walked uphill to the panoramic view from the town of the coutryside below. The castle was built here because of the clean views of potential marauders. Today it just means a good spot to take pictures. We headed back to the town's teeny square, had a mineral water, then moved on

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