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Leaving our albergue

Not far to go!!!

Carrion outskirts

Carrion outskirts

Carrion outskirts

Extra bottle of water strapped to bottom of pack

17km of this. No change except occasional hill

Surprise ! An Oasis along the way

Oasis fare

Oasis fare

John and Israela at the Oasis

Met these happy chaps walking in opposite direction

Much needed lunch stop

Adobe building in the village

Afternoon track of 6km

Dinner first courses

Dinner main course


It was quite hot for much of the day and we knew there was no Ayer for the first 17km. I drink little so I carried extra water for John. Had breakfast at a bar in town then followed a winding route out of the town to a long straight gravel track that went for 17km. A Spanish guy (Israela??) joined us for the morning and we chatted the whole time. He had just finished his job at a multinational in Lyon and was working out what to do next. John's open blister was hurting and this guy encouraged him with his own earlier blister stories.

Stopped at a temporary food van along the way. It was truly an oasis. Bought some fruit and cold drinks and enjoyed resting on plastic chairs. J-C and Monique appeared again. And the couple of French women who I chat to occasionally. We continued on in the heat. John was really feeling his open blister under the foot.

Finally reached Calzadilla de la Cueza. A small town at the end of the hot dry route. We stop at the first bar for a rest and lunch. After lunch Isreala goes on ahead and we finish the walk alone with John limping badly. Only 6.2km but it was a challenge with his blister. The American woman next to us with a bandaged shin wasn't looking forward to this either be she overtook us after a couple of km.

Got into Ledigos and went straight to our prebooked albergue. It was VERY basic. In a small village and attached to a bar. Most people already there. An Australian couple from Perth had a double room but we were in the dormitory area. Not all beds taken so again we had bottom bunks

Chatted with other 'pilgrims' there and tried to catch up on the travel journal whilst John slept for awhile.

I put another dressing on John's blister before we went to dinner in the bar attached to the albergue


Carrion to Ledigos along a straight country track for 17km. The rest was next to a road (on a mostly tree line track) after the town of Calzadilla de la Cueza.


25km. Total 117km


Hot... Up to 31C


In a bar.

Fruit for John.

A small chorizo for me as no tortilla there!!

Coffee and juice.

Morning tea

At a little 'oasis' van along the way. Big surprise Banana and my fruit and nuts for me drink for John and his fruit


Picnic plus tortilla in a bar at the end of the hard 17km walk. Sat out the back under a cool verandah. Finished with some chilled fruit salad that they had in a large bowl. Yummy.


In the albergue bar

Pauline. Wine, Mixed salad, pork cutlets chips , icecream. €9


VERY basic albergue El Palomar. €8. Prebooked as I knew there was limited accommodation here.


Meeting the nice Spanish guy who walked with us most of the morning and chatted to us both.


John's blister was very sore and at times he could only walk very slowly.

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