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The train trip from Rome was amazing , so nice to see all the towns built on the side of mountains , lush trees and beautiful vege gardens . Lots of olive trees but very few animals , they say the animals are kept up in the mountains. We saw the hay bailed so gathered they must be somewhere . We were 5 hours on a train that stopped and started through the villages , we travelled from one side of Italy to the other.

We are staying at a nice hotel 150mtrs from the beach , the staff are amazing , I will definately write a review for them . It's coming up their quiet time so they have to market the hotel now to keep people coming .

So this is the place where you can walk your dogs on the streets happily , take them into shops even and on the train. Where you don't wear a helmet riding a bicycle , where you don't stop for people on the pedestrian crossing , you go around them . You sunbathe until you are very very brown, you smoke anywhere and so many do - lots of young ones fagging away - older people with cigars outside when you are having dinner . It's very cheap to smoke 4.50 euro a packet ( about $7 n z ) no wonder they are doing it .

The shops open at 9 am and close at 1 pm , open at 4pm until 10pm . I still haven't seen any signs of any agro amongst the people in Italy . Most people are friendly and if they don't speak English you can usually get your message across somehow .

So when I was booking our trip I googled ferries in Pescara , they said they went to Dubrovnik , so I imagined that they would be like they are in BOI but no , not so - so we have a slight change of plans , we now are taking a fast train to Bari south of Pescara 315kms , it goes at speeds up to 250 km an hour ....... I'm guessing we won't see much ?? Then we get on a overnight ferry i, we have a cabin to sleep in , although from reviews I've read , it's hard to sleep . We'll be fine ( slow boat to China) it's a 10 hr trip , we leave Bari at 10pm tomorrow night and we arrive in Dubrovnik at 8am on 4th Sept - another adventure . Shame that we only get to spend 4 hours in our historic hotel in Dubrovnik but thems the breaks , we might be able to have a look around before we head off to Split on a bus .

So now we are going to the concert in the square , we can hear the music loud and clear from our room but it sounds good , even though they are still tuning up .

Next stop Croatia .

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