Danny and Anna's Round The World Trip 2005 travel blog

Nikki's Mum Kerry kindly let us borrow her car for the day. With Nikki in the drivers seat we set off for Eumundi Markets. Well worth the early start. Full of arts and crafts and scrumptious foods - we just had to test the jams, pestos, fruits, health drinks... and ended up treating ourselves to some fab smelling teas, which brought memories of all them Green Teas in Asia flooding back, And a kilo of strawbs for the rest of the journey.

Spent the rest of the afternoon driving through the highlights of the Sunshine Coast including the resort town of Noosa Heads and then up into the Glass Mountains which rewarded us with some nice views of coast, ocean and rugged scenery.

On the way home we just had to stop off at the iconic Golden Pineapple for an educational experience. Inside the fibreglass monstrosity shows how Golden Circle pineapples make it from farm to tin. There was also the challenge of eating our way through the Big Yum - a sundae comprising five scoops of ice cream, cream, fruit and all the flavoured sauces. As this was not long after fish and chips on the beach, as well as all the goodies at Eumundi we felt slightly sick but very proud when we mastered the beast. It's real good to be grown up and do all the things your Mum wouldn't let you do!

By the time we made it home we were in the mood to try our hand at fishing from the jetty at the back of Nikki's parents. Under Nikki's close supervision I caught one big enough to keep on my first attempt. Success for Danny soon followed but two fish were not enough to feed us, or warrant all the effort of cleaning them, so we chucked them back to swim another day.

Day 200 complete

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