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Inlet, New York

Waiting for our bicycles to be tuned up

Lunch break at Racquette Lake

Racquette Lake

The Hudson River!!!

Newcomb New York, you can see 19 of the highest peaks in...

Newcomb New York and view of the Adirondacks 19 highest peaks

Aug 27 Beautiful start to the day and a peaceful ride to the next hamlet of Inlet. Thick forest, secluded cabins and quiet roads. No wildlife. Funny, several riders passed us on their Saturday morning weekend ride. Single riders, no baggage zooming up the hills and always a friendly hello, where ya' headed?? Hard to pedal uphill with a load and chat sometimes!! One guy went past us, no hello or response to ours! That's ok, maybe he had a bad start to his day. But he goes up ahead and turns around and goes past us the other direction . . . Still no recognition. But then he turns around and comes back again behind us and starts a conversation!! Oh well, maybe he was just shy!! Mmmmm . . . Nope that wasn't it! He turned out to be really nice and he rode with us for several miles and guided us into the little hamlet of Inlet. Believe it or not there was a bicycle shop there and we decided it was a great idea to stop for a tune up, always good to keep things tightened up, especially when we know what sort of mountains are ahead!! Our friend showed us the way, roused the bike mechanic from his cup of coffee and got things rolling for us!! I passed the time in great conversation with Teri, inside the bike shop while Mike kept an eye on the adjustments. If I had known it was gong to take 2 1/2 hours, I may have thought twice about the absolute need for the adjustments, or at least gone and treated myself to a cup of coffee!! But it was time well spent and new friends made (Hi Teri!!) and off we went knowing things were in good working order.

It was a pretty hot day today. Nothing really out of the ordinary, no news is good news, right?? We camped at the Hideaway Campground just a few miles south of Long Lake. Jean, has been there for 53 years as the owner and manager! At the young age of 91 she still keeps it under control for 5 months of the summer and then goes to Albany and Florida for the winter!! She was going strong! The camp has been preserved in time as there was no evidence of any updates! Several seasonal campers that have been there for 10 years! Obviously love the privacy and the convenience to the lake, but for those of us passing thru . . .I know it was only yesterday that I said how quaint it was to be "old" but this was a little different. We were safe and found some really interesting people to chat with!! A nice camp cooked meal and an early bedtime, not so bad. Very humid and damp. The rain fly on the tent was already wet before we even fell asleep.

Aug 28 - some things I shouldn't admit too, but here goes!

So it started like any other day! Under the pressure of rain later today we packed up a soaking wet tent, had breakfast in the local diner in Long Lake. I love these places!! Great coffee this morning! The roads were good to us, long and wide and great shoulders! We could take a lot of these roads! We had heard about Newcomb, a place we must stop because the 19 highest peaks of The Adirondacks are all visible from this spot! We stopped, it was very nice, but not possible to get it all in one photo! As we left the view point we passed the Hudson River!! That just feels like a symbol of New York and the east! Just as exciting as when we saw and crossed the Mississippi River!!

The day was perfect so far, not too hot, roads nothing we couldn't handle, we were well on our way to our destination and we were feeling confident. 20 miles later, we realized we had missed our turn just after the Adirondack overlook!!!!! We were waaaaaaaaaay south of where we should have been! It was now 1pm, we were watching the sky for the rain that was predicted, and we had made a reservation at our planned destination which we totally missed unless we pedaled back all that way. and that would be stupid because we could see, thank you to googlemaps, that we could cut over to a town that was south of our destination and would allow us to get back on track easily tomorrow. BUT . . . We would have to leave a main road and take a smaller country road. that could only mean one thing . . . Unbearable hills!!

Using up precious time we had to make a phone call and beg forgiveness and give my best panic performance to get out of our reservation!! Thank you Mr Motel, he did agree to let us go "this time" (like I am going to make the same mistake twice??). If we were going to use googlemaps, had to charge my phone while riding on our extra battery, so that took some organizing and readjusting. Finally we set off in the direction googlemaps instructed us, downhill at first which actually makes me more nervous than up hill! Then some uphill that was ok, we were still in control. My problem was I was so upset over my error and felt really so bad that I was fighting all the guilt and it made me all weak and useless!! We had not gone far,maybe a mile and Mike asked are we sure we want to do this?? Even if we had to walk the whole way I wasn't going to go back all those miles so we forged ahead. To make a long story short it really wasn't nearly as bad as what I thought it was going to be. It was difficult in the beginning, yes, once again I was forced to get off and push, but I blame that on all the emotional upheaval I was suffering from!! It seems like once we got over that, it really wasn't so bad. There were some very fun downhills and before you know it we were at Schroon Lake and what a delightful surprise it was!! A beautiful little spot that we would have totally missed going the planned route!! We had a great dinner, a wonderful waitress! Penny also confirmed that the little nuts we all love in Fredericksburg are PEE' cans and not puh-KAHNS!!! Thanks Penny for setting me straight! She is from Savannah GA!

And that brings us up to date. We are in a cozy little motel, still waiting for the rain. Honestly, I am NEVER going to listen to a weather forecast again!! And I certainly will not alter my plans because of the rain!! (Well maybe)

We will be in Ticonderoga tomorrow, may stay for a day and absorb some of the history there. Then we are in Vermont!!!!! Up ahead are the mountains we have been concerned about. It isn't that they are so high, but we hear they are steep. I better stop typing and get some beauty sleep!! Don't want to make any more of those nasty map reading boo boos! (HaHa, bet you are all wondering how Mike reacted to that little glitch and extra miles!!!)

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