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Woke up to solid rain this morning! I went up to the Saturday markets again and topped up on fruit and vegetables. Definitely very fresh and very cheap. The stalls had reasonable shelter from the rain, but I did feel particularly sorry for the Anglican church ladies who were managing the hamburger BBQ store as they seemed to be getting the worst of the weather. However, couldn’t resist bacon and egg burger for breakfast again and headed back to the van. It ended up raining on and off most of the day, so washing was put on hold but we caught up on some other things- ie our house sitters told us last week that their circumstances have changed and they are going to move out of our house. However, they had found someone to take over from them if we were OK with that. So we spent quite some time on the phone with both couples and I think it should all work out. Fingers crossed.

Other than doing some grocery shopping, not much else was achieved today because of the weather. However, we did manage to take the dogs for a walk later in the evening when the rain cleared. We had to walk the streets rather than the levee bank because that would have been nothing other than a mud slide! I think it was good for all of us to get a bit of fresh air as the van can be a bit small when everyone is inside!

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