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After arriving in Panguitch and some time had passed with beautiful weather of sunny days and cool nights, the weather changed. News reports informed us that this was monsoon season. Who knew? On the good side, they say they have not had as much rain as usual but it certainly has had a pretty steady afternoon rain pattern.

Yesterday after work we took a fifty mile ride to Antimony to get a hamburger (still hard to believe) some people said was the best burger around. We arrived at the Merc-- many cities have a "Merc" short for mercantile-- say and ordered our burger, which ended up being ok but our vote is still for Henries which is only about for blocks from our campsite. However, to make the ride worthwhile we had a piece of homemade peach pie that was heavenly. The crust was flaky perfection with a lattice top and the peaches were fresh picked with just enough sugar and spices to bring out the fresh peach flavor.

Sitting next to us was a group who were hunting. They had two ATVs and three dogs in each parked outside. Talking with them was interesting as we had assumed they were hunting deer. They had one tag for a bear and were hunting bear on Boulder Mountain. They said there were plenty of bear up there but since it had rained all night the dogs were having trouble getting the scent. They already had gotten one cougar each this year and said it would be years before They got tabs again. Nice men--different lifestyle than I'm used to. Usually, I'd be hearing how many fish they caught.

Back to weather, before we left the Merc a storm came up with wind, rain, and even hail. When it slacked off, we'd headed back down the mountain to Panguitch. We got a little rain but got home without much weather. So, much to our surprise, when we turned on the tv we heard the name Panguitch on The weather report. While we were at The Merc, a tornado had touched down right at The highway we drive to/from the visitor center. No people or livestock were affected but there was a lot of news coverage as this is extremely rare and hadn't happened since The fifties. Leave it to Carol and me to be here for a rare occurrence. I'm just glad we had gone to Antimony for a burger!

Work has changed some. Now that most kids are back in school, vacations are waning so we have had less visitors, more adults, less children and things are quieter. Some big excitement occurred because Gracie's babysitter Juanita has had company from out of town. Gracie had become a volunteer at the center with us for a few days. Her duties involve getting her photo taken, patrolling the HooDoo trail for animal poop and making sure all animal bones on display are sniffed daily. She gives out warm fuzziness and doggie love.

Today after work we took a Sunday drive up to Cedar Breaks, one of our favorite places. The high temperature there today was 61 at 10,000 feet and it was 57 when we arrived. The aspen trees are just beginning to change in color and we could see some golden yellow tinge to the leaves quivering in the breeze.

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