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Sound system

Street dogs

Three days in the beautiful city of Cusco. It has large squares with parks, fountains and colonial style buildings and then miles and miles of narrow cobble stoned streets with shops and cafes.

Our visit coincided with Sainta Rosa de Lima day so we saw lots of colourful parades and music.

At one point the street dogs hurtled through! Izzy is really not a fan of these dogs- she is convinced they are all rabid and makes us take rickshaws or taxis back at night. At night you can hear the dogs all partying!

Fortunately our guesthouse was also lovely as Izzy and I spent rather a lot of time there: Izzy had a bout of sickness from either the altitude or something she ate. We all noticed the altitude as you get exhausted walking up any slight incline.

Theo and Phill went out exploring and found an art museum and did some shopping.

We flew back to Lima today and we have an early flight to Miami tomorrow.

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