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The river, can you see it?

Yesterday was a visit to Zion. We decided on this as we had been putting it off all summer since the temperature was running over 100 degrees and they had rain hard enough to flash flood and then the rocks fell in the road blocking the highway. Yesterday the weather forecast was good with a little lower temperature and kids back in school led us to believe there would not be such big crowds. Overall all this worked out for us so we headed down.

We entered Zion from what might be considered the back door as the main entry and visitor center would be at the other end of the park. The drive in was beautiful. The rocks again were different from other places. A couple of wild turkeys crossed our path on the road...I saw Thanksgiving dinner on the wing.

As you approach the park itself you go through the longest tunnel in the park system. This is an incredible engineering feat as it was completed in the late '30s. As luck would have it a tour bus and several rvs needed to travel through. When this happens they close the road to make it one way so the large vehicle can drive down the center with about 13 foot clearance. Four large windows are cut into the side of the tunnel so you can look out at the scenery. There is also a very short tunnel blasted out.

Automobiles are not allowed into the main roads of the park so you must vie for a parking space and use shuttles to get to all of the points of interest. They have these double buses running constantly on propane. The sides of the rock canyon are so tall and straight up that all of the gas emissions would erode the natural formations.

We went the full route of the bus loop so we could site see and got off at the top point for an easy hike that was by a river. Photos of the cliffside there are attached.

I think I may be spoiled with the beauty of the area where we stay and work because as unusual as these tall cliffs are, the beauty didn't compare with Red Canyon, Cedar Breaks, Bryce, etc.

Leaving Zion we noticed several rock markings. One was an interesting checkerboard etched into the side of the mountain. It was an entire side of a mountain and the etchings looked like they could have been measured to be so exact.

The rock formations also were striated and layered colors forming shapes that look like soft serve ice cream.

On the way home we stopped at the only bakery we have seen out here, a German one everyone talks about. Yes, there was bread and pastry and everything looked good. But it was hard to swallow $5 a Danish and $10 a loaf. Carol is back to Oreo cookies-- much cheaper.

Now one last comment about today. It was a stay at home day to catch up on chores, got a hair cut and oil change on the car, made some phone calls home, etc. One call informed me of how hot it has been in Tampa and the Keys and all afternoon I have been shivering. It is COLD here!! High today of 70 and low of 43.

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