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The most fun we ever had getting a haircut!! Boonville, NY

Mike the barber and Elvis impersonator!!

Mike the barber and Elvis impersonator and his barber shop customer with...

We really don't need the early alarm anymore because the sun isn't rising as early since we are getting later in the summer! The same with the sunsets!! Last night's sunset was 8pm!! When we started this trip June 5, we were going to bed in the daylight and waking up at 5:30 in the daylight!! You have to be flexible and change with the conditions I guess! Our mornings are a little more relaxed these days as well. It is quite easy to pack up and ride 10 or 15 miles to the next place to find breakfast rather than cook anything for ourselves. I love the little meals in out of the way places, there is always someone interesting to talk to and we are finding the best homemade toast! Who can resist that?? And we are planning shorter days and miles because . . . Well because there are hills our there again and it's much harder!! Trying to take in everything, just enjoy it all knowing the east coast is so close now!

Annie's little cafe was waiting for us soon after we left the park this morning. Stopping in for eggs and homemade toast! Then we were put to the test as the hills rolled and undulated for the next nearly 50 miles!! Yep, there they were!! Hills, short and tough! Several hills made me resort to the desperate "zig zag" approach! Instead of pushing straight up, I zig zag across the grade to make it a bit easier. I know!!!! I didn't even have to do that in The Cascades of Washington! The things are short and sharp, especially just as you get to the top! But we did it, took it slow and steady and one hill at a time! Now that we are riding away from the lake and more inland, the population has definitely dwindled down to very few, not endless residential lakeside properties that we have seen line Lake Erie and some of Lake Ontario.The hamlets we go thru are small and interesting! Not much in between, so it is very quiet and not much traffic.

We take plenty of breaks, drink lots of water, eat a small snack here and there but keep it light so we can keep pushing up the hills! The day did provide us with some areas of more friendly riding and we actually enjoyed a few long downhill breaks or at least the climb changed to long and not too difficult! Yay!

Boonville was our destination today. The little hamlets are always a surprise because you never really know what you will find there. We reached the hamlet of West Leyden, the last one before Boonville, and we needed a bit of lunch or at best a snack to get us the last few miles to Boonville. The Milkplant Tavern seemed like a real challenge! One of those surprises when you just aren't sure if you should go in or not and then you open the door and it is so inviting! Full of locals and interesting conversation! (My favorite as you all know!). I really should write a book on things we talk about in these places!! And pictures! I need pictures of all of these people!! We had a quick bite and said good bye and set off for the last few miles which turned out to only be 6 miles and not the10 we were expecting!! what a bonus!!

Boonville was almost a straight line and we were there in no time! Cute little town, as we have come to expect! Walking our bikes to find some dinner we passed a barber shop. Mike has been wanting a haircut for about a week now and this just seemed like the perfect opportunity!! We had time to get his hair cut and still have dinner. There was a sign in the door with a phone number that said "call this number and I will come right down". Ok, so we did!! I totally expected some 70+ something guy to hobble down the stairs, how convenient that he can live upstairs and cut on call! Out the door springs a 40 something guy and the fun started!! He was an Elvis impersonator as well!! His shop was decked out with everything Elvis! He even named his daughter Lisa Marie!! Such a fun, energetic guy who just liked to make people smile! The only place he shares his talent is at the local nursing homes!! One of his barber shop customers walked in who has been in the area for 85 years and I could have sat for the rest of the afternoon listening to his farming stories, his family and the barns they built! That was the most fun I have ever had while Mike got a haircut!!

So that catches us up for awhile! Mostly I get behind because I don't have Internet access when we are in a state park. It's hard to catch up, so much easier to write when all the excitement is fresh in my mind! So much to think about when we're ride! It has not gotten boring at all and we are still enjoying riding!! Even knowing the hills and the mountains of the Adirondacks are waiting for us!!

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