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First glimpse of Lake Ontario! Cooler morning and cool breeze blowing off...

A view from the city park in Pultneyville NY

Lunch at Captain Jack's in Sodus Point, NY - my new favorite...

Fair Haven Beach State Park - New Yorkers are tough! The water...

Fair Haven Beach State Park

So happy to be camping again!! Just love it and it was...

This is a first for awhile!! We had to wear a jacket this morning because it was only in the low 60's!! That is a change! I guess all the rain could be finished! I was thinking yesterday this rain could be compared to one of the water features seen in a kid's pool! You know the ones . . . A bucket high in the air, that fills with water until it is just full enough and then it spill over onto everyone's head!! You can almost feel the humidity and rain build until the clouds can't hold anymore and then it dumps down on us!! And then we wait for the next build up!

But this morning is different!! It is cool and there is no humidity!! It was such a beautiful morning! You can feel the season change and that is a bit of a shock!! Have we been out here that long??? Yes, we have!!

We set off into the back roads of New York. Peaceful and quiet and rolling hills. Rolling hills, that translates to harder riding!! But it wasn't too bad, we are just so spoiled after so many states of flatness!! The route so us straight north and put us in Pultneyville where we had our first glimpse of Lake Ontario. It was still rather chilly when we got off our bikes to walk to the shore, wind blowing straight off the lake and it was all churned up and quite brown. Reading the information about the first white men in the area, what it must have felt like standing there!! The area also suddenly changed to a real feel of what I expected the East Coast to feel like. Maybe it is the history, the air, the historic buildings or maybe a combination of it all! But it has suddenly gotten very exciting as we get closer to the east coast.

We stopped at a beautiful city park for a short time, just to be close to the water. Then we tackled the hills again and following the lakeshore to Sodus Point. More quaint historic homes lined the way. Stopped for lunch at Captain Jack's for another lakeside lunch. This is getting to be a fun habit! Best way to mingle with the locals!!

A few more hours back on the road and we reached our destination of Fairfield State Park. A huge park with a popular beach that is quite a popular swim spot!! I never thought of Lake Ontario as a 'summer go to beach destination"! But it was such a great park and beach! It was just so much fun to be out camping again! It has been awhile since we had the tent out of the dry bags on the back of the bikes!!

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