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A Utah county fair is unlike any fair I've ever been to. First, there are no rides at this kind of fair. We didn't get to see all of it as we worked over the weekend and Friday evening there was some rain that made us whimp out on going which we regretted later. There was a Mountain Man Challenge that included shooting, archery, knife and tomahawk throwing, and wildlife identification; atv training; Dutch Oven cook off; beautiful baby contest; horse shoe tournament; pet look alike contest, and I think you get the idea by now.

We did make it to the family rodeo and had a great time. This was put on by the FFA and included mainly teenagers. However, the youngest participant was a little girl just starting first grade.

There was traditional barrel racing and calf roping but two events were really fun. One was called the Sweethearts race and was a Timed event. Two people were a team, one had to race down to a barrel and jump on, then put on a nightgown (over clothes). I'd still be trying to climb on the barrel. The other person raced a horse down to save the sweetheart and the person on the barrel had to jump on the back of the horse, who wasn't always cooperating, and then they raced back to the finish.

The other fun event was a game of musical buckets. Everyone say on a bucket and when the music started, they mounted their horses and had to ride to the end of the field around a barrel and back. As in musical chairs one bucket was removed each time until there was just one. The kids really rode fast and the horses seemed to be participating when they were getting on the buckets.

Girls threw county t-shirts up into the stands and we all got one. A good time was had by all!

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