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This morning while I was unhooking from the utilities, I was stung on the legs by a lot of fire ants. Ouch!! Betty Wendler gave me some spray to ease the itching. I hadn’t seen the ants because of the thick grass.

Today I had a bit of trouble getting into my site at Pecan Grove because one of my neighbor’s cars was parked in the space from where I normally start my back-up maneuvers. A man in the park came along about that time and helped by directing me. Next time, if the car is in that space, I’ll ask the neighbor to move it for a few minutes. I’m sure he won’t mind.

Once I got settled into the space, I had trouble hooking up to the water; regardless of what I did, I couldn’t get the leak to stop. I replaced the piece that the hose hooks up to, as well as the hose gasket. I hooked up a different hose but it isn’t long enough to reach the spigot; so I hooked up the old hose to the end of it as a stop-gap measure. It doesn’t leak at the intake point but there is a leak at the place where the two hoses are connected. Now I think that the problem is actually the original hose itself – and it’s not all that old. I guess I’ll have to use my Walmart gift card to buy a new hose. Grrr!

STATS Route: TX 71 E to Austin Total Miles Driven: 74 Weather Conditions: Intermittent rain Road Conditions: Good; frequent passing lanes on two-lane section Gasoline Price: $1.899 at Austin

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