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The Erie Canal and Lockport in the distance

Tour boat entering Lock 35 at Lakeport, NY.

The lock has filled and is releasing the boat!!

Historic Lock made from wood. The lock is still operating as a...

Aug 19 - It is always hard to say good -bye to friends, especially after having so much fun!! It should never be good-bye but "until we meet again"!! and we will meet again! thanks Laurie for all the fun!

Back on the road and we have to find our way to the main route again. The route of the Northern Tier does actually take us into Canada and along Niagra Falls! We really need to look ahead at our maps and know where they are taking us! Since we had just spent the day at Niagra Falls,Mike was in favor of bypassing the planned route but I of course wanted to follow the route, even if it did take us where we were yesterday! After thinking about it for a while and reading the map carefully, it really did take us exactly where we were yesterday and knowing what the traffic was like, the packed crowds of people walking along the sidewalks we would be forced to walk our bikes, it seem like a much better idea to leave the vision and wonderful image of Niagra Falls we established yesterday as the memory we have instead of struggling through a new image. We opted to find our way back to the trail at the point it comes back to the United States. Google Maps to the rescue!! We had organized an evenings accomodation with a Warmshowers host for the evening Lockport. Now all we had to do was find our way to Lockport, it would be a relatively short day of only 36 miles!

It was a beautiful ride!! Easy to follow our friend Google and we were in fact very grateful for the detailed directions! I was about to exceed my data usage for the month and therefore was not able to leave my phone on for the always helpful voice directions, had to rely on the old fashioned step by step printed on paper version. We had to stop very often to read and reread the directions!! A pain in the you-know-what, but it got us there! Google Maps kept us off the main roads and directed us thru some great residential areas that were so enjoyable and interesting! Streets and turns we would never have chosen, it felt like we were riding thru any neighborhood anywhere in America!! It was such fun!

Made it to Lockport to connect with our Warmshowers host! It was a very interesting arrangement today! We have always had such great experiences but this one was a bit awkward!! We had planned to meet in town at 3 where our host would give us a tour of the historic locks in Lockport. We had some lunch and a glass of wine and waited for the 3pm phone call. And waited, and waited . . . Looked around town and gave ourselves a self guided tour of the locks and waited!! At 4:30 we got our phone call and were advised she would try really hard to be there by 6. Now we were waiting across the street from the host's home, since we were waiting in an Italian Restaurant what else could we do but have a few more glasses of wine!! Finally almost 6:30 we got the phone call and we could go and have a shower!!

It made for a really long day but we were glad to get unpacked and get clean!

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