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Iles de madelaine

Cape Albright-Hauvre de Maisons

Syncro Rock Skipping

Sand Castle

Day 40

Off to Iles de Madelaine, the ferry ride is about 5 hours long. We will only be taking our bikes as the mode of transportation, so hopefully the weather will cooperate.

The ocean was a little rough but the ferry ride was great could hardly feel anything.

We got into the ferry terminal and had a 5KM bike ride to our B&B. A man on the ferry told us it should be easy as the islands are fairly flat, not so much as Rian exclaimed biking up to steep hills. Once we arrived at the B&B, we just relaxed and caught up on the Olympics.

Day 41

Today was our first day to explore the islands on our bikes. We headed down toward the town centre of Cap aux Meules and I blew a tire on my bicycle-go figure.

The boys rode down to the bike shop to make sure they had a tire and tube that would work while I walked the bike up and down the hills almost 5 km as it happened right after we started out. The owner of the bike shop was great, he had what I needed and changed my tire so we could get on our way. He gave us some pointers as to what to visit.

Our first stop was the cheese factory Pied au Vent, where needless to say we bought some cheese. The boys and I were given some samples and found some cheddar that was very tasty. We carried on toward the beach and stopped at the site of one of the inactive lighthouses, then we headed down to the beach. We walked along the beach and the boys explored some of the small caves and even tried Syncro Rock Skipping-may not be an Olympic sport but they gave it their all. The next bit of the trip was on a road called Chemis de Montagne,which means mountains so it was the hardest part of the ride. Our reward for accomplishing the hills was a stop at a local pizza place in Hauvre aux Mainsons and as they say local is usually better and this case very true.

All in all today we biked about 30-35 KM, started off with a hit of a drizzle but turned out to be a good day, despite the fact that the wind direction changed every time we did and so we were riding into the wind most of the day.

Day 41

Second day at Iles de Madelaine and thinking should definitely allow more time here. Today was the big Sand Sculpture/Sand Castle competition and we headed out to go take a look. This competition was being held on the southern tip of the archipelago so it was going to be a long bike ride.

After lunch we headed out and on our way we stopped at a church which is now recognized as the oldest church in Canada, we had the opportunity to go in and quite the church for being almost 150 years old. Back on our bikes to continue to Sandy Hook beach in Hauvre Aubert. We made it to the beach so butts and legs but it was all worth it to see the amazing work that some groups put into the competition..

After we had walked up and down the beach looking at the entries, the boys took on a modified version of Beach Volleyball, using a beach ball which tends to float in the wind more than a volleyball. Rian realized that playing volleyball in the sand is definitely more difficult than on the court.

Today we biked about 30 km again, we did not have to bike back from the beach as we caught a shuttle since we had to get back for the ferry, I also thought 60 km was a it much for all of us.

Back on the ferry just as the sun was setting and what a magnificent view of the islands, I would definitely consider coming back, however need to brush up on my French a little more, since Rian did not want to practice his French that much.

We did not get back to Souris until 1 am and then had to set up the tent, so it was a long day and night. Get to sleep in tomorrow.

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