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Houseboat in Destin

Houseboat in Destin

Crab Island in Destin with Kaymon

Jet Skiing in the Destin Harbor

Fireworks in Destin Harbor

Hanging with the millenials on a pontoon for the fireworks

Our "little" buddy Taylor from Xtreme H20 Sports

Ossy & Presley on Pontoon

Ossy on point on pontoon

Our pontoon hosts, Captain Walt and Dallas

After 5 days in Charleston, we headed toward Savannah, Georgia with a long stop at Camping World to resolve a few RV issues (none resolved!). We did a quick stroll through Savannah's City Market, then toured the Fort Jackson memorial (Ossy jumped 5 feet when the canon went off).

As I was looking at the possible routes back to the Houston area from Savannah, I realized I could go by Destin, Florida (which I have never been, but heard fabulous things about). So, I booked a docked houseboat at the Destin Harborwalk for a few days.

We drove all day on Tuesday from Savannah to just past Tallahassee, when I started to look for a place to stay for the night (our houseboat reservations began on Wednesday). There was an RV park not far and I had an hour or so of daylight left, so I headed to it. Upon arriving, I was immediately disappointed in the setup, but even more disappointed at the $50 price. I had just stayed at a fabulous RV park for $35, so I was not about to pay $50 for a piece of crap slot and not much daylight to set up. So, what do you do? You go to Walmart, what else??

That's right! I stayed my first night in a Walmart parking lot and must say...12 digital tv channels, great WIFI, and very clean was nicer than the $50 RV Park. Yep, me and the truckers!!!

Now, on to Destin. Upon hearing of my destination, Kaymon decided she would like to visit for the 4th time this year, so she joined us on our Destin excursion.

The location was fabulous. I got to know the folks at Xtreme H2O Sports as they rented pontoons and jet skis right outside our houseboat (they also gave us a discount when we rented the jet ski from them). As we were walking back to the houseboat from the Harborwalk on Saturday night, one of the guys that worked there, Taylor, asked if me and Kay wanted to join a few of them on the pontoon to watch fireworks in the harbor. So, we pushed the dogs in the houseboat, grabbed some wine and high tailed it to the pontoon to hang with the millenials...yes, all 5 of them were 23 or younger. The good news...they thought we were in our 40's!!!

We walked the Harborwalk with the pups (oh how kids love doggies!), had some great food, jet skied in the harbor and Crab Island, then hired a pontoon with driver for 4 hours on Friday. What a treat! The dogs LOVED it...Ossy fell out of the pontoon into the harbor, but he rebounded quickly. We were served drinks, provided a camera SD card with pics of our day, and toured all around the harbor. The dogs may not wake up for a week.

We leave tomorrow...Kay flies back to OKC and we hit the road back to Houston. Time to regroup, get those RV issues resolved, do laundry, clean the pups and RV, and map out the next destination!

Life is Good! I'm so blessed....

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