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Telstra Hill

The view from Telstra Hill

Another relatively quiet day. I took the dogs for a walk in the morning after breakfast while Ian went off to do some fishing then after lunch went up to Telstra Hill to see if I could catch up with my on-line journal. The internet reception was OK, but using the laptop in the car with only one hand turned out to be an almost impossible task! So I rang my brother David to see how he was going. He had fallen off his bike and broken his hip in the last week or so. The family had all noted how I was the first sibling to have ever broken a bone and here’s two of us breaking bones mere weeks apart! (BTW mum- the girls that helped David on the road took his bike into the real estate nearby where it was being looked after until David could get it picked up). I also rang my other brother mainly to wish my sister in law happy birthday, so have had some good chats with my family, other than my sister, in the last couple of days from Telstra Hill!

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