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Giant Threadfin Salmon

blue tuskfish

Handrail Pool at Karijini National Park

big ships at Port Hedland

beautiful blue tuskfish

Wednesday 10th August we drove 500km south to Eighty Mile Beach which is in between Broome and Port Headland.  We didn't swim here because we were told there are sharks and sea snakes but we didn't see any. After cyclones, shells wash up on the sand. There were thousands of all different types of shells. Both days we fished off the beach. On our 2nd day we caught a 110cm Giant Threadfin Salmon weighing over 10kg! I couldn't even lift it's head. It was our biggest catch of the trip so far and the biggest in the caravan park that day. We ate it for dinner for the next 3 nights and even gave some away. It was not as nice as the blue tuskfish but I still liked it.

Saturday we drove to Port Hedland. We stayed with dad's friend from his work, Sue, Steve, Megan, Rory and their dog Buddy.  Port Headland is known as the busiest shipping port in the world. The ships dock overnight whilst they get filled with salt, iron ore and other metals. This iron ore is mined out of the ground and put on long trains to go to port Hedland.

Thar night we camped on the side of the road. On the way to Karijini National Park we saw lots of road trains. At Karijini we are staying here for two nights and three days. Yesterday we did two gorges and the were both level 5, the most difficult. The first one was called Hancock gorge which we had to walk though lots of water. At the end the water was freezing cold. But  the other one was even more colder then we went to Oxer lookout and saw the gorge that we did. Tonight we played spotlight whith Rory and Megan. Today we are leaving Karijini and coming into Exmouth to do lots of snorkling.

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