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A gloomy morning leaving Mentor

A quick lunch at Eddie's Grill

Ashtabula, Ohio

A conveyor belt spanning the river

The bridge lifted while we were standing there

Sunset Paek along Lake Erie, just before Conneaut, OH

Home Sweet Home for the evening. B&B in Conneaut, OH

B&B celebration with a home cooked meal (sort of!) and wine!

Our B&B kitchen

Aug 15

Another gloomy morning and a race to beat the rain!! As soon as we stepped outside, the sprinkles started but they didn't really last long. Really we are grateful for the clouds hiding the sun for most of the day. It keeps it cooler, but the humidity is a constant reminder that we are still in a sauna-like weather pattern!!

I was feeling so frustrated yesterday. This rain, or run from the rain is making me cross!! So today I said, there is a little town called Geneva-on-The-Lake, if it is cute and beachy and looks like a fun place, we should stay there and enjoy it!! It wasn't far and we reached it quite easily!! As we approached the area the beach rental cottages started to dot the lake shore line and it was all just what I was looking for!! We got into the small town and decided to have some lunch and get a feel for it!! Unfortunately it just wasn't working for me, it didn't feel right, not the way I wanted it to! We were high above the water, no real beach to speak of due to erosion they said, we were high on cliffs! The second thing about the town was; after only a few short blocks and a hamburger at the open lunch bar of Eddie's Grill, we both identified the problem with this small community at the same time . . . It had the feel of the circus being in town!! Game arcades, cheap open air hot dog stands; no real restaurants to speak of!! oh and the "beach cottages" mostly had STRICTLY PRIVATE signs at the gate or were exhorbitantly priced!! It just didn't appeal to me or offer the Beachiness I was looking for! And it was still gloomy and rainy out!! So we pushed on waiting and looking to find just the right spot!

Ashtabula was the next town on the map. Nothing intrigued me there either!! We did wind our way thru the streets and while we stopped to look at the map, the bridge alarms went off to let us know we are going to have to wait while they raise the bridge for a passing boat!! No problem! While waiting, the woman in the car next to us gave us her best advice on where to go and what to see while in Ashtabula!! Then she hops out of her car and brings us a cold bottle of Peach Tea!! We chatted thru the window as best we could with all the road noise, it just never ceases to amaze me how interested and kind people are!!

We were very close to the longest covered bridge in the US, but I am almost embarrassed to admit, so unmotivated to go see it, we rode on.

The riding is pretty easy along Lake Erie!! In fact it is so easy we are a bit worried about hills again when we finally encounter them!! We are pretty spoiled with the nice Ohio roads and flatness!! The rest of the afternoon's ride was pretty uneventful, we decided our best option for the evening was Conneaut OH, right on the Pennsylvania border. Not many choices there so we called ahead and found the sweetest B&B in town!! The owner did not live there like the B&B's one may be used to!! She was in another state! We got our directions to get into the house over the phone and we had the whole cottage to ourselves!! It was like being in our own home (almost!). So comfy and cozy, bright and cheerful!! What a find!! Strolled into the downtown area only 3 blocks away just to mingle with a bit of the local atmosphere, only to find just one cafe open!! Pizza was their specialty but I guess we are getting picky, done the pizza thing too many times so we took advantage of the homelike atmosphere and bought food to cook!! First time in almost 3 months I have done anything other than boil water to make a meal!! Well, maybe I need to rethink that. We bought a rotisserie chicken and I put fresh green beans in the microwave so I guess, I did only boil water to make dinner!! But I thought about cooking!!!!! Bought a bottle of wine as well!! It was so nice!! Thinking ahead, a half dozen real eggs (not freeze dried) and cheese are on the menu for morning!!

It turned out to be a good day after all. I guess I have to have a change in attitude!! Gone are the days of solitary riding and wide open spaces and campgrounds! Since we left Illinois and crossed Indianna and into Ohio it is so much more densely populated, we never really leave civilization!! Houses line the shore line and cars are pretty constant on the roads!! I miss the camping and the way things were when we started out! It is almost like a different trip!! The rain has made it difficult to camp, ( so it isn't that there just aren't any campgrounds) that really is the underlying reason I think. I am not such a purist that I have to camp in the rain, or even in the humidity, so really I have no reason to be in such a funk!! New attitude, love the luxury and just go with it!! Especially after the B&B . . . Life is good!!

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