1981 GMC Step Van Conversion Adventures travel blog

All packed up and ready to go to Altona camping

Jane and CT just before leaving

Parked in our shared campsite # 11

Tents started to be put up

More tents going up

Still more tents being put up

A tent city [ 5 tents in total ]

Glen & Jackie's tent behind the CT

Bob starting a fire

Jose starting up a BBQ grill with charcol

The fire going

All the vehicles parked in front of the tents or campers

This morning Jane woke up about 4:30 AM. Looked out the back windows of the CT and observed a cat eating the left over food off the plates laying on the ground by the fire pit. So she quickly went out side to shoo the cat away. I was a minutes behind her. I never saw anything. Just wondering if it wasn't a raccoon instead of a cat. I have no idea. So we spent about 30 minutes cleaning up and putting things into garbage bags. Then went back to bed.

Next I knew it was 8:30 AM. Jane was already outside, breakfast was way on its way being cooked. Jose was busy cooking away. The group was in various stages of eating. I went back into the CT and eat one of the chocolate muffins that we bought with us. At least that way I got something to eat. Jose loves to dump soy sauce on everything he cooks. At one point I checked the sodium level, and was shocked to see it was at 41%. I'm not suppose to eat anything over 24% of sodium.

The pool opened at 1:30 PM. So we all headed over there to fool around in the water. The kids loved the water sides. But a couple of the children were too small to go on them unless they had life preservers on. The pool charged another $2.00 to rent one. Jane and I got into the pool for the senior price of $5.50. They didn't even ask Jane her age.

We spent about three hours in the pool. Then we all went back to the campsite for supper. Jane made me a yam and two chickens legs roasted. It actually tasted pretty good. The rest of the group eat Philippine food.

Once lunch was over Glen and Dax gathered all the children and played a few games with them. One was a bag race, then an egg toss, and a couple more. Then it was off to the playgrounds for the children to play some more.

Once it started to get dark, I built another fire, a bit bigger this time around. I wanted to use up all the rest of the wood. I didn't want to bring any home. Once the fire started to die down we roasted some more marshmallows and tried a sing along. The children had a few suggestions to sing. After the songs, they went into one tent and were playing cards, I understand.

Everyone started to head to bed about 10:30 PM. Dax, Ellie and I stayed up and just chatted. Dax went and got into the front of his vehicle around 11:30 while Ellie and I continued to chat until about 12:30 AM Then I headed to bed. I have no idea what Ellie did after that.

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