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August 11 -

We drove up Hwy 235 and came back hwy 230.

We arrived at Ryan's Premises National Park, to learn about the fishing (salting & drying cod) industry back in the 19th century. Joe was not allowed in so we took turns and watched over the harbour.

There was some construction going on with the extensions of the wharf's. The cribbing basket rocks were shifting and almost sunk 2 of them, that was entertaining.

As a person that has not grown up around this life style, you could spend days here being educated.

We then went to Cape Bonavista Lighthouse, to see lots and lots of whale action going on with the Minke's.

There was one huge rock that ha hundreds of the Puffins, Drew took so many pictures, but those small birds fly so fast, not many turned out.

Puffins make there nest in the dirt walls on the cliffs. This was so calming and relaxing.

We they stopped at the motel with colours,and had lunch/dinner before heading back to the camp. There are some people who have paid big bucks to see the Puffins and whales.

August 12 - on the matt - no golf matts here.

We took care of some things while not doing any sight seeing, and then we went for 9 holes of golf, at The View.

Very challenging with the sloops and all, the holes are not long if you stay on the fairways.

Quite enjoyable though! I would play this again.

Cod tongue - actually it was pretty good!! It is a delicacy here on the island.

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