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Jane being sexy in the CT doorway

The CT all loaded up

The CT (Camper Tank) in Site # 11

The tents starting to go up

Kris and Jade's tent is up

A minny tent city

This morning was another early start. We had to run some errands before loading everything into the CT that we required for the weekend. We made a quick stop at Rona, Wal-Mart and JSYK. Arrived back home by 11 AM, finished loaded the CT and headed over to Glen and Jackie's place on Albany by 11:45 AM. Meeting time was for 12 noon.

Upon our arrival, Glen was in the mist of loading their van. No one else had arrived as of yet. This was the starting point for the weekend. There will be five families going for the weekend, Bob and Jane, Glen and Jackie and three children, Dax and Maja and three and 3/4 children, lol, Jose and Mary and their two children, Kris and Jade and there four children and Kris's mother, Ellie.

So all in all there was five vehicles in the convoy. We headed out at 1 PM. Glen leading the way, our CT was second, and then three cars behind us. By time we got to Highway PTH 75 it was us bring up the rear. But that wasn't for long. The convoy highway speed was at 80 KM and hour. That was a little to slow for me. So I put the petal to the metal and went by the four cars. I left them way behind, so far behind I lost sight of them in my mirrors. About 30 minutes later as I approached the Junction of PTH 75 and PTH 14 I started to slow down to let the rest of the convoy catch up. Glen caught up in time to turn on to PTH 14 to lead us into the camp grounds.

We shared site # 11 with Glen and Jackie's tent, # 12 was shared by Dax and Maja and Jose and Mary, # 13 was shared by Kris and Jade and their four children in two tents.

It did not take long for a tent city to be developed. Cooking utensils were unpacked and Jose took the lead as the main cook and started to make some supper. Most of the food was Philippine's food, deep fried. Not good for me to eat. Jane and I thought that might happen so we brought food for me to eat.

After supper was eaten and put away, it was time to go swimming. The water was a bit cold to get into the pool. But once in, the water was beautiful. So relaxing! The pool closed at 9 PM.

Back at the campsite, I instructed some of the children how to build a fire. Before long, we were all toasting marshmallows, some wieners, and some pork meat.

About 10:30 Jane and I called it quits for the day and headed to bed in the CT. It was nice to have the air conditioner running inside the CT. It was definitely cooler than sleeping in the tents.

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