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Monday 1st August. Today we are going to Broome we are staying here for six days. The campground has a pool and mini golf  course. Today we looking for fossils but instead we saw a humpback whale jumping out of the water. Then we went to a pearl ship. Broome is famous for perl diving and the divers wear a 40 kilo metal suit. Now we are going to Broome Museum that talks about the war and pearls. Broome was bomb just like Darwin by the Japanese in world War ll. Then we went to the beach and played cricket and the other time went to the beach we had a camel ride. I went on Kabina with my dad when you get on its VERY FREAKY. The camels were all boys and they stink. Tonight we are going to the movies at Sunset Pictures to see Hunt for the Wilderpeople. Sun Pictures is the world's oldest outdoor cinema. We sat outside on deckchairs.

We caught up with our friends that we met in Uluru. We swam, played footy and cricket on the beach. We will see them again soon in Ningaloo.

On Sunday 7th August we drove 2 hours north of Broome to Cape Leveque.  It is a beautiful place. We slept in a beach hut right near the beach for 3 nights. From outside our hut we saw beautiful sunrises, saw humpback whales jumping out of the water. I went swimming, snorkelling and saw another stingray and lots of fish. I went fishing with my dad, mum and sister. We caught 6 Bluetusk fish and 1 small Red Emperior from the beach We returned 4 and kept 3 which we ate for dinner. It was more delicious than our Black Tipped Reef Shark.

Yesterday, we visited One Arm Point which was an Aboriginal community. We had a tour of the Hatcher, which is a place where they breed fish. We saw barramundi, clown fish, archer fish, stripey cod, mangrove jack, barramundi cod, giant clams and a small injured Estuarine Crocodile. I got to feed some barramundi that strike for its food.

On the way back from fishing, my sister slipped and landed on her wrist. Mum and dad weren't sure if it was broken. When we got back to Broome, she had an x-ray.  Luckily it was only badly sprained but it is still in a cast.

We are now camped south of Broome and are going to Eighty Mile Beach tomorrow.

Bye for now.

Love Jack

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