Danielle, Jay and Rocky's 2016 Summer RV Trip travel blog

We’re ready to leave Redding. 3 hours south and we’ll be in...

We passed lots of almond trees and farmland.

Liberal Ave. in California? Now there’s no surprise!

After setting up at the RV park, we went to Old Sacramento.

The old buildings are interesting but definitely a tourist stop. Fun walking...

Found one of our California favorites, El Pollo Loco. Just had to...

Headed to “Gold Country” and the towns of Grass Valley and Nevada...

Lots of interesting old buildings. The Masonic Temple is one of many.

Love this old Packard car sign. My dad owned one!

One of the 2 main streets in Grass Valley. Love that old...

Lunch at our favorite restaurant….Toufanelli’s.

The food is fabulous!

Another great building….The Del Oro Theater.

Jay found another ore cart. He loves those ore carts! Luckily, they’re...

Then on to Nevada City, another mining town.

Another little Victorian town that was a mining town during the gold...

Love the Nevada Theater. We used to go to plays there every...

One time we even stayed in this Bed and Breakfast.

Heading to town. Jay said I must have 100 of these pictures...

Thanks for the walk down memory lane!

Jay and I went bike riding along the American River Trail.

Beautiful views of the river from the bridge.

Some interesting bridges.

And a very nice view of the river.

This was our favorite bridge. We found Sacramento State College on the...

This structure was part of the campus. Hmmmm….interesting!

I’m sure this wasn’t Jay’s favorite ride, but he’s a good sport...

Went to the state Capitol building in downtown Sacramento.

A demonstration as usual.

The mall across from the Capitol.

Love this metallic bear on the posts outside the Capitol.

So many beautiful memorials here. This one is for the firefighters.

Memorial for the armed forces.

And for the police.

I love this bronze statue next to the police memorial.

The Public Utilities Commission office. I came up here for business many...

Fun dinner at Buca di Beppo with high school friend, JoAnn and...

What a fun way to end our stay in Sacramento. It was...

Goodbye Redding and hello Sacramento. We had a pretty easy drive past lots of almonds trees and farm land. But then we got near Sacramento. Boy, we haven’t been in city traffic for a while and now I remember why I am not crazy about it in the RV. But we made it to our RV park which is part of the Cal Expo Fairgrounds in Sacramento. It turned out that part of the park is asphalt and part is gravel and yucky. We got the gravel and yucky part. But it’s well located, quiet, not crowded AND they have a nice dog park for Rocky.

So while Jay set up the RV, Rocky and I went to the dog park. Rocky met Callie, a cute little Schnauser, who was from a breeder in El Cajon, CA, where we used to live. The two of them played a little but then Callie seemed to be intimidated by his size….so that didn’t last long. But at least he got out.

Then Jay and I took a drive into Sacramento and went to Old Sacramento where a lot of the old buildings have been restored and turned into a tourist trap. But it was fun to walk on the boardwalk, have an ice cream cone and do a little bit of window shopping..and shopping.

We were headed to Safeway when we spotted one of our California favorites… El Pollo Loco. So we just had to stop for dinner. Sure wish they would open in Texas.

After we got back, I took Rocky to the dog park again and this time he met, Benny. Well, Benny was a player and he and Rocky had a ball running and wrestling. In about 30 minutes they were exhausted. Perfect….. a pooped dog makes for a quiet evening.

On Tuesday we headed northeast for the day to “Gold Country” and the towns of Grass Valley and Nevada City. Jay and I fell in love with this area on a weekend trip here. We made many trips up here from San Diego over the years and last visited here 4 years ago. So we just had to go back and see how thing are going.

It was a fun day of walking down memory lane, trying to remember how to get to certain places and enjoying these two small mountain towns. Of course, we had lunch at our favorite restaurant, Toufanelli’s, and shopped at some of the same old shops and enjoyed some new ones. A GREAT day!

Wednesday, we started out with a bike ride next to the American River. The trail starts right at our RV park, so it was simple to get started. We rode to downtown Sacramento and then turned around and rode and in a different direction. We only went about 13 miles, as the cortisone in my knee has now worn off, but it was a fun ride with some interesting views.

Then we came home and showered and headed off to the Capitol in downtown Sacramento. The building is so beautiful and the grounds are lovely. As always, there was a demonstration outside.

As we got to the other end of the building we saw, See’s Candy. We don’t have them in Texas and they were a San Diego favorite of ours. So we stopped in and got some of their famous pops.

Then we went on to see the memorials around the Capitol. They really are beautiful honoring the police, firefighters and soldiers.

We then headed home to clean the RV, as we were having company tonight. A high school friend and her husband live just outside Sacramento and we were going out to dinner, but she wanted to meet Rocky. Of course, Rocky was insanely full of energy but we got him to calm down, so JoAnn could pet him.

Then we were off to Buca di Beppo for a wonderful Italian dinner and LOTS of laughs. Well, before we knew it, it was after 9pm and couldn’t believe how fast the time went. What a fun night!

Tomorrow we are off to Visalia…. Further south and a little east.

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