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Photo from WWI exhibit

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The deanery where Jonathan Swift lived

Glasnevin Cemetery


On Sunday we took the morning to reorganize and move to our new hotel in central Dublin, the Busgrove. It is right across the street from the Archaeology Museum, so it is a great location. Our cab driver in to town was interesting; he has a brother in Atlanta who landed there because of a football (soccer) scholarship to SMU, met a San Antonio lady and now works in Atlanta in his own graphic design business. Our driver has a 12 year old son; they recently took a trip to Atlanta, Florida, and New York. The son got to pick what they saw in New York, and he sounds like a very intelligent student from his choices. Next planned trip is Paris, and they are using the same strategy. Travel is such a great education! We are finding everyone really friendly.

We arrived in town and headed over to the National LIbrary to take a look at the 1916 WWI exhibit. 1916 was the year of the Irish Easter Uprising, which was further complicated by the war. The exhibit shows a lot of original documents, letters, and photographs that help to make clear the confusing situation in Ireland torn between support against the Germans and the desire for Irish independence.

Next we hopped back on the sightseeing bus and did another circuit around town. On Saturday the bus was crowded and there were a lot of chatty nonEnglish speakers, so we took another turn on Sunday. Our guide was fantastic, and we learned much more about the city.

We met the group at 5pm at the hotel, had an orientation and walked together to dinner. There are 28 travelers in our group plus our guide and bus driver. There are many returning Rick Steves group veterans, so that speaks to satisfied customers. Roger and I spend many Saturdays up in Edmonds attending the free classes, so we feel like we understand the RS culture. Some of the travelers are on their fifth trip!

After dinner we headed to a pub, but we did not stay long since on Monday we have a full day.

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