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The views of driving thru the Wind River Canyon




I wish I had gotten some better pictures of the river that...

Stopped for 1 night in Thermopolis Wyoming. We started to pull in to the campground but another motor home was coming out. So we decided to unhook the car so we could back up. Well the battery was dead and then we started rushing around to get out of the guys way. We thought we could get around a camper that was parked and started to pull ahead when I realized I had put the car in park. We pulled it about 2 feet. I thought our transmission would be ruined but everything worked out OK. Got a jump from a couple of guys in the campground. We walked to a restaurant to eat that night and found an auto parts store where we went to the next morning and picked up a new battery and were able to continue on our way. The pictures are of Wind River canyon in the Big Horn Basin which we came through on the way to the campground.

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