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And more mountains were our drive from Oregon to….

California. What? No welcome sign, but at least Oregon thanked us for...

Truck Village near Weed, CA (yes, that’s the town’s name). Check out...

The views of snow covered Mt Shasta were magnificent.

As we got to the lower elevation we had our first views...

We spotted our first palm trees. We must be going south.

Rocky is happy. They have a dog park at the RV park....

The Sacramento River runs next to our RV park. It’s so pretty...

In downtown Redding is the Sundial Bridge, the largest working sundial.

It is 217 feet into the sky and spans the Sacramento River...

Goodbye, Redding. But Sacramento River, we’ll see you again in Sacramento, CA,...

Well, today’s drive was interesting. Jay asked if we’d be going over any mountains. I told him I didn’t think so, but I didn’t know. Well, 3 of our 3 ½ hours on the road were climbing mountains and then descending them. Although the views were beautiful during the time I had my eyes open, it was a stressful day for me…..and I WASN’T driving!

Seriously, though, it was a beautiful drive through many pine forested mountains with snow covered Mt. Shasta in view for a good portion of the drive. What a magnificent volcanic mountain.

We entered California and there was a “thank you for visiting” sign from Oregon but no welcome sign from California. Really? We were on a MAJOR freeway, I-5, so we thought that was a little odd. Then a few miles down the road, we were greeted by the “Fruit Patrol”. Claiming we had no produce or guns (when did they start asking that?), we continued on our journey. I wanted to say, “Didn’t you see our Texas license plate? Of course, we have a gun. We’re from Texas”. But I restrained myself and the fact that we didn’t have one, I’m sure, would have only aggravated the situation had they asked to see our carry permit.

We stopped for lunch in a town called Weed. What a strange little place in the mountains. It was tough to find a parking place, but we found a restaurant that wasn’t open and managed to get the RV in their lot. Unfortunately, it wasn’t so easy to get out, so we had to unhook the car and then hook it back up again.

I checked the map and it looked like we could head south through the town and catch up with I-5 again. Great idea until we found the freeway ramp closed due to road construction. UGH! Luckily, there was an empty, VERY dusty lot where we were able to turn around. And there were plenty of trucks following us. Just glad it was there, as I’m not sure how we would have turned around in this tiny mountain town.

Once we followed the detour signs and got back on the freeway, we were in some very slow road construction traffic for a few miles, but it wasn’t too bad. Still lots of mountain up and downs to go but Mt Shasta was gorgeous to look at.

We FINALLY got to a lower elevation and then we saw Lake Shasta. It had quite a bit of water in it and the color was so pretty. Lots of boats out there and people on the beach. Then we were in Redding.

Our RV park is south of town and really nice. It has a pool and dog park and lots of space between the RV’s with grass and a concrete picnic table. Definitely one of the nicer parks we’ve stayed in.

Rocky likes the dog park, but he hasn’t met any friends there yet. The Sacramento River is at the back fo the park. I’d let him swim but we were told the current is much faster than it looks…. So that’s not happening for sure!

We were both tired from traveling, so just relaxed this afternoon by reading and staying cool in the RV. We’re definitely in the hotter part of California but we do have palm trees at the RV park, so we must be going south. It was nice to see them again.

After it started to cool off, we went out for some dinner and a stop at Safeway. We watched a Superman movie from our DVD collection tonight. We hadn’t seen this one in a long time and I forgot how much I loved the music score by John Williams. He’s definitely a favorite movie music composer of mine along with Marc Shaiman and James Horner. Yup… some people watch the movie and some people listen to the music. :)

Today our plan was to go to a local water park. They had a great price for people over 63….just $5! I guess they figure we’re all brining our grandkids and not using the park.

Well, we got there and the place was much smaller than the other water parks we’ve been to and it was absolutely mobbed. $5 wasn’t looking like such a bargain. So we passed on the water park and headed back to the RV park to enjoy the pool there. It was a great day for the cool water with temperatures in the mid-90’s.

After dinner, we drove into town to visit the Sundial Bridge. It’s the world’s largest working sundial and reaches 217 feet into the sky and spans 710 feet across the Sacramento River, which is the same river running through our RV Park. It really is beautiful, as you’ll see in the pictures.

Tomorrow we head further south to Sacramento…the Capitol of California.

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