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Gold collar from old Ireland

Broach of Tara

Picture of archaeological dig at Tara

Cross of Cong, from around 1123

Model of Hill of Tara

Live street art in Dublin

Super heroes in Dublin

Dublin's Viking answer to Seattle's Ride the Ducks; the Viking Splash provides...

We arrived in Dublin on Friday afternoon, and after navigating to the car rental lot, dropped the car and took a taxi into the center of town. We decided to scope out the archaeology museum for Saturday since we were arriving toward the end of the day on Friday. Our taxi driver was friendly and helpful, but he did give us some incorrect information about the location of the tram we needed which added a good long walk to what we had already done. Good aerobic workout!

After finding the museum and making plans for Saturday, we ate traditional pub grub at O'Neill's. Then we hiked on a rather circuitous route to the wrong tram line before crossing the river and finding the right spot. We are staying in West Dublin for a couple of nights until we join the group on Sunday. The tram ride is giving us a view of a different part of the city, and it does help in getting the lay of the land. Our stop is Red Cow, named for a hotel. Most of the stops are named for pubs.

We were able to locate our hotel again out by the M50, the perimeter road. After a good night's sleep we were ready for taking a look at Dublin. Our top priority was to make it to the Archaeology Museum. Rick Steves' guidebook in hand, we navigated the ground floor and upstairs exhibits that cover the Viking era of Ireland. After a few hours of checking out hoards, broaches, swords, and bog men, our brains were full. We headed off to take the Hop On, Hop Off bus tour around the city to get an overview of the sights and figure out our priorities for our time in Dublin.Tomorrow we meet the group and stay with it for the next two weeks. We have done all right in figuring out the navigation, the public transportation, and the sights in the first couple of days. Dublin is mobbed. There was an Irish football game today, so our bus driver for the tour said we would not be going as close to the stadium as he usually does because there are an extra 82,000 people around. Understandable!

Everywhere we go people express their concern about American politics. One lady came up to me in Waterford, told me she was from Cork, just wanted to say hello, but asked that we please not elect Trump because it would be a disaster. Our waiter tonight told us that Trump has bought a golf course in Ireland. He is using it privately at the moment, but has been told that he cannot redevelop it because of an endangered species issue. The waiter said that Trump announced, he would take a shotgun to it. Uniformly people have been worried about the state of the world depending on our election.

We are now in high season for tourists, and Dublin is packed. We chatted with a gentleman on the tram this morning; he worked in the States in construction for 28 years before retiring to Ireland. He had been in Alaska for 22 years, so he and Rog talked job sites. By the way, I found out that the book about Francis Thomas Meagher is by Tim Egan, a good north westerner. It is called The Immortal Irishman: the Irish Revolutionary who Became an American Hero.

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