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Cousin Chris and his boat

Chris' boat

Bald eagle at its nest

Looking down the Pond

This morning after grabbing a quick breakfast I ran into a town to get a loaf of bread at the local bakery. I selected a loaf made from Maine Aroostook Wheat that they mill right in the bakery and then use. They also gave me some suggestions for finding some local honey and fruit. I then ran back to the RV to pick up Charlotte and go over to Coz Chris' house. This morning we are going to be taking a ride in his wooden power boat.

When we got to Chris' house they had decided that Chris would take his brother and brother-in-law out for the first spin and then Charlotte and I would be on the second trip. So we waited and talked with Chris' wife Diane. After about 40 minutes the boat pulled in and then it was our turn to ride. This is a wonderful old boat that has been restored into perfect shape. We pulled out from the dock and he started to take us down to the far end of the lake. At that end there is an island that a bald eagle has set up a nest in, so we went and took a look at that. Mr. (or Mrs., don't know which) Eagle was in and looking very regal on his perch. It is neat to have a bald eagle on the lake but it is also bad, the eagle grabs almost all of the young loons, so they are not as plentiful as they used to be. We did see some loons though and also some geese. We cruised around the lake for over an hour and had a wonderful time.

At three this afternoon we had everyone over to the RV. We had set up chairs outside and we sat around taking and eating little snacks. None of them had seen the RV so we gave everyone the 5 dollar tour. They were all surprised with the size and the amount of room inside, and liked the fact that you travel with all of facilities. At about 5 we then went over to the house and had dinner and followed that up with all of us watching "Bridge of Spies" movie. We then came back to the RV.

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