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Up early and getting out as fast as we can to try and beat the crowds heading north for the weekend. For the most part it wasn't the worst, but there was a lot of traffic and occasional times of stop and go. It stayed fairly solid for the whole trip. In fact at one point on Rt 1 in Maine, which is a two lane road, we were stop and go (mostly stop) for about an hour, and the slow up was this small town and all these people stopping to eat or shop at this one small town. Nothing special about it, just a lot of congestion. And as we were leaving and starting to pick up some speed I noticed that the traffic going the other way now was stop and go. They need to fix the traffic flow in that town (I found out later that it is that way all the time, not just on weekends). Just 20 miles more and we made it to our campground for the next 5 nights, Duck Puddle Campground on Pemaquid Pond. This pond is about 500 yards wide, but about 2 miles long. Why it is called a pond and not a lake, I don't know. We got set up and settled and then called Charlotte's cousin Chris who lives up here and who we are visiting. Our campground is just a mile away from Chris' home.

When Chris heard that we were coming up on this trip he contacted his whole family and they are up here also. We have Charlotte's aunt and three cousins, one of which flew up from Florida with his daughter, so we have a nice crowd and a great gathering. It has been five years since she saw most of these people, but the cousin she last saw many, many years ago. So just a wonderful reunion. We spent the afternoon and evening just sitting around and talking. Charlotte is very happy. Cousin Chris was providing dinner for tonight and we had steaks and lots of lobster, fresh Maine lobster.

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