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Next month we will mark the 10th anniversary of our “Full-Time RV” adventure. It is hard to believe that the time has passed so quickly.

As Marilyn & I sat outdoors this morning, sipping our coffee in the beautiful, crisp, mountain air, the aroma of the pine trees tweaked our senses, while the clear blue sky above promised a wonderful morning.

A deer and several large turkeys appeared in a site just down from ours. They wander around the campground here with impunity, wary but not much afraid of the people. The dogs do have a tendency to bother the wildlife some, but the people seem to enjoy the wonder of these animals.

We haven’t seen the bears yet, which is fine with us. LOL

I think maybe when Marilyn & I began this RV life, we perhaps thought that it might be like an endless vacation, but that isn’t an accurate description for us as it really has simply become our life.

We don’t wander the country endlessly, but tend to enjoy nesting where the weather is good. We spend the winters in the warmer, tropical, climate of the Rio Grande Valley in Texas, although we did spend one winter in Gold Canyon, Arizona. During the hot, humid, summer months back in Missouri, we like to spend three or four months in the mountains of Colorado, although that is not always the case. We just spent the past five weeks in Flagstaff, Arizona, where the 7000’ elevation kept us comfortable.

Our daughter and grandchildren are part of our plans for the “fringe” months. (Spring & Fall) so we spend four to six or more weeks with them during each of those two seasons.

This all seems to work out just fine.

I must admit that we don’t enjoy the travel days as much as we did in the beginning, but we do love the parts of the country we visit for extended times, and it is wonderful to meet up with friends wherever we go.

We are absolutely blessed to have the wonderful friends we have, and to experience God’s wonderful gift of this awesome country we travel in. The frequent company of family and friends is so much a part of the entire experience and that is why we feel so blessed.

Life is Good!

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