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“In zero point two miles, turn left on USE 24.”

We use a GPS and a navigational software called Streets and Trips when we travel to our destinations. Gloria, as we call our female-voice GPS, has been very reliable. The program is flexible and easy to use. However, during this year’s trip, we noticed something funny about Gloria. Her pronunciations have been a bit weird. For example, she says “S.T.” instead of “street”; “USE” instead of “U.S.”; “BUS” instead of “Business”; “BRANCH” instead of “Business Route.” The funniest pronunciation she made was for the street, called Lakeshore Drive, which is the location of a campground in Manhattan, Kansas. Gloria bellowed “In zero point two miles, turn left on “Lackey-Sure Drive.” Say what? We had a good chuckle on that one.

Still, I wonder, why the funny pronunciations? These are common words for a navigation system and you’d think that the software would be programmed for common words like the abbreviation “ST” for street. Well, at least Gloria doesn’t lead us astray like Ginny.

Who is Ginny, you ask? Well, we use a Garmin GPS for around-town navigation. We nicknamed the Garmin “Ginny GetmelostGPS.” As you might guess from the nickname, Ginny is not as flexible and easy to use as Gloria. Ginny is awfully stubborn and insists on certain routes that sometimes make no sense. She is also a little slower to recover and recalculate routes if we miss a turn. Still, it is better to have some kind of GPS when you are new to an area rather than have nothing at all.

Since arriving in the Gunnison area, we haven’t needed our GPS to get around. We spent one week at an RV park in the small city of Gunnison. There we enjoyed a couple of bike rides, music at the arts center, a visit to the hoity-toity touristy town of Crested Butte and a couple of potluck dinners at the RV park. Then, we moved just 15 miles down the road to Curecanti National Recreation Area. The recreation area is home to the Blue Mesa Reservoir which is the largest lake in Colorado. We enjoyed a couple of short hikes and a pontoon boat ride into the nearby canyon. Tomorrow, we’ll break out the GPS again for a short drive to Montrose. We’ll use Montrose as a base to explore Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park, Ouray, Ridgway and perhaps a trip to Telluride. That is, unless of course, our GPS leads us in the wrong direction. As long as it doesn’t say “Sorry, Connie, I’m lost.”

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