2016 Icefields Parkway Trip travel blog

Field sculptures near the Minnesota border

Our trip must be coming to an end. Some weird things are happening. Our GPS keeps freezing up. Fortunate or unfortunate, I look at the GPS more than the Dashboard. It has more information and easier to see.

Then the motorhome started. We stopped at a rest area in the middle of no-where for lunch and the motorhome wouldn't start when it was time to leave. There are so many systems on the coach that are interconnected and had to be in the right configuration for it to start. Well we tried everything in every order we could think of. After about ¾ of an hour, it started. Got to our next campground, made the mistake of turning it off while we registered. Yup, wouldn’t start. 20 minutes of farting around trying different thing, it started.

The plan for tomorrow, DON’T TURN IT OFF!

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