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Outfront of the chateau we just left

Police at Amboise

Leonardo Museum

We had another big day with a visit to a beautiful old Chateau de Chenonceau. It is one of the best-known châteaux of the Loire valley. The estate of Chenonceau is first mentioned in writing in the 11th century. The current château was built in 1514–1522 on the foundations of an old mill and was later extended to span the river. It is just beautiful and the rooms have been furnished with furniture of the time. Very lavish and the home was used as a holiday house. When they decided they wanted to go home, they just packed up all the furniture, lovely large tapestries etc and off they went. The grounds outside were magnificent with lots of flower gardens and vegetables. It has been replanted to be as it was back in the Chateau's day in 17th Century.

We then hopped back onto the bus and went on to a house called Clos Luce. This house was Leonardo Da Vinci's where Leonardo lived as a guest for the last few years of his life 1516-1519. It also has his tomb. At the end of the tour of the home there was a room of reconstruction of many of Leonardo's drawings.

After this we walked to the township of Amboise, and Nancy, Michael and I had a light lunch at a café called "Bigot".

We then just wandered the town and filled in time with a cup of coffee and looked at the world going by until the time was up to meet for the bus.

That night we went to a hotel which was called a "Chateau" for tea. the meal was just ordinary and the waiters were very snooty. We came back to the hotel at about 11.00pm and were exhausted. Hence another reason for not keeping up to date with the blogs.

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