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Sheep Mountain

Very hot and Dry

Bowie made it too!

At the Summit

Moose at the side of the road

July 16th and 17th

From Congdon Creek to Lake Creek. Stopped at the Burwash Landing Next day we plan a longer drive so we are up early and on the road to Tok, Alaska. This section of hwy is not too bad and the day is overcast but not to the point where we can’t see the surrounding mountains and lowlands. Before we get to Beaver Creek on the Canada Alaska boarder we see 2 adult moose off the side of the hwy and are able to get pictures of one of them before they disappear into the bush. Shortly after crossing the border into Alaska we came around a curve to a young moose in the middle of the hwy walking the centre line. Unfortunately as soon as he/she heard us coming they disappeared into the bush before we could get a picture. We were warned by others that the hwy in Alaska was in poor condition with lots of sections with frost heave…that was an understatement. Signs saying “Damaged Road” ahead appeared every mile or two to the point where it was not possible to find a section that was smooth for long. We forgot about wildlife spotting and concentrated on road damage and pothole spotting. When we arrived at our first campground there was not a person in sight. A notice board set up at the entrance had spray painted the letters ICP but no other information until you get further into the campground to read the fine print that it was an Incident Command Post for a local fire in the area that all campers needed to be alerted to. Onwards to the next site about 50 miles further down the hwy to get out the range of the fire at Porcupine Creek. It is even more remote and only one other camper bothered to venture into the campground.

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