Yukon and Alaska 2016 travel blog

View from Spruce Beetle Trail

Kluane Nat. Park

Pair of Swans

Mouth of the Slims River (very dry)

July 15th

As we leave our site in the morning the campground operator comes by to warn us of bear sightings in the park. Not surprising but it makes us more aware than ever that we are not alone out here. The weather improves as we leave Haines Junction and head to a campground near Destruction Bay. Bill is able to photograph swans nesting enroute and once again we stop numerous times to take photos of the scenery in front of us. We stop at Spruce Beetle Trail for a short walk; we are the only ones there and our walk takes us well into the bush…now that warning of the bear in the area takes on new meaning and we are both very aware of what is ahead and what is behind us at all times. The view we arrive at is breathtaking and bears are forgotten for the moment. Further along in our drive we stop at an information center at the head of Kluane Lake where we see Dal sheep through telescope on Sheep Mountain. This spot at the head of the Lake is unusually desolate with wind blowing sand that looks like clouds of mist rising from the Slims River. What makes it seem more desolate are the black clouds gathering in the distance (the direction we are headed in). The pictures may not do it justice but they are very dramatic. We stop again at the plaque in honour of the American Army that built the Alaska Hwy in 1942. The Yukon portion of the Alaska hwy has considerable construction happening and twice we reached sections where we had to be led by a pilot vehicle through some pretty long rough sections of road. Arrived in pouring rain at Congdon Creek Campground for the night. Once again the rain passes and we are sitting in sunshine for part of the day!

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