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What a great way to begin our day!

First we slept in and didn’t get outdoors with our coffee until shortly before 8:00. Jan walked over to join us for a short time before she had to leave to drive Eddie to the golf course.

Marilyn & I completed our normal chores and then relaxed.

I noticed that my muscles were a bit sore. I’m not sure if the cause is the Walnut Canyon hike with 560 steps to climb or descend, or maybe from the rough ride over the rocks we experienced yesterday.

Speaking of that rocky ride yesterday, Jan had a very descriptive phrase, explaining that it was like we had all been placed in a jar and then shaken rapidly.

Marilyn fixed a late lunch while I called my doctor back in Missouri, in an effort to get my low dosage blood pressure medicine changed to one which would not make me cough.

That constant dry cough has been a side effect I don’t like.

The Doctor says to stop taking the medicine and she will have a replacement med, maybe as early as tomorrow.

I want to mention my book again. “My Journey to the Clouds” has now sold 94 copies and has received 17 reviews on Amazon.

One review was rated 4 Stars and the remainder were 5 Stars, although one of those came through as a 1 Star review because the person was unable to get the stars to light up. So, they left it as one star and wrote twice in the comments that they would give the book 5 Stars. Oh well!

The book has been available less than two months so I am happy with the results so far. I want to thank all of you who took a chance on this unknown author and purchased the book.

Also, for those of you who left a review on Amazon, Thank you very much. Because of good folks like all of you dear readers, I can say with confidence that Life is Good!

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