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Fat little guy chattering away at us!

Friends were driving by, waving at them here :)

Started with three goats this morning...

Then the little guy in front led them away!

Heading down the stairs...

Almost there!

Looking back as if to say "Are you kidding me"!!!

Little one heading back...

He now has the bridge all to himself!!!

Larry pointed out this interesting cloud formation on the way home. We...

We arrived in Custer a week ago today! It's good to be back again and we've spent several days catching up with old friends, attending doctor's visits at the VA & enjoying this beautiful weather. Well, most of the time anyway! We've had a couple of thunderstorms come through creating havoc in the campground with high winds. Threw our swing into the woods last night & ripped our little tables apart. Good thing it only lasted a short time! I've been praying for evening showers so the hills would stay green a bit longer.

This weekend the city hosts 'Gold Discovery Days', beginning with a hospital bed race & street dance on Friday and followed by a parade, car show, vendors, hot air balloons, another street dance & the list goes on. Always a big draw for the city & surrounding area.

We made a trip to the VA hospital in Sturgis last Tuesday & then went to the VA hospital in Hot Springs on Friday. Then saw the oncologist in Rapid City yesterday. Things are moving along as we continue to monitor & treat Larry's cancer. There will be a new PET Scan on August 2nd to see what is going on. He is in good spirits and is still a pretty good patient! We didn't bring the boat this year as we arrived much later than anticipated. But there is still plenty to do & see in these beautiful Black Hills so I'll try to keep some pictures up for you to see of this lovely area. We haven't seen the bison herd yet but plan to look for them as we never tire of watching them & their little ones.

We stopped to watch the 'Goat Bridge' activity yesterday & enjoyed watching a tiny pygmy order two of the older, larger goats off the bridge so he/she could dine alone! It was adorable :) The prairie dogs are fat as a butterball this year & plentiful too. I know they can be a nuisance but they are just so darn cute! We attended the Grand Jamboree Show with friends on Sunday evening so will post pics of that later. It was great, we really enjoyed it. Unfortunately the storm I mentioned earlier forced our friends the Ramblin' Rangers to cancel their event at Tatanka Theater in the state park last evening. However we will get to hear their great music at our friends Van & Rose's home when they do their annual torch party at the end of the month.

Well, as you can see, we are busy & have a full schedule planned as usual. So, I'll be posting a bit more so hopefully you'll check back in on us. You all have a wonderful day. I have to jump in the shower as we're meeting friends Frank & Peggy for lunch in an hour. Then we plan to come back home & get a bit more of our campsite 'set up'. The awning & rug, lights, flag etc need attention!!!! Hugs everybody :)

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