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oil painting of the walled city castle as it would have looked...

diagram of what the church would have looked like

inside the building

old buildings buiit in 1800

We our medieval town at 9am with a couple of hickups. Our bus could only go so far to the walled town, and we had to walk the distance which really wasn't too far. The bags thank goodness were taken by a small van. Well this van taking the bags to the bus had an accident - the door at the back came open and two large bags fell out and tumbled onto the ground. Fortunately for us they were not our bags but if there was anything in the bags that were fragile I would say they would be broken.

Our bus drive was quite long but we went via the scenic route and had stops at a lovely old town with an old church at Moissac which had roman beginnings. It was absolutely huge, and I walked up a circular stone staircase and was hoping for a beautiful view at the top. Someone started to come down and said don't bother, and by this stage it was getting quite difficult so decided to go down. The only problem for me was that it was not that easy to do as I had a French lady who was getting a little irate going up behind me. I had to keep going but I did make it.

Prior to the visiting of the church there was a 1 minute of silence at 12.00 for the people who died in Nice. There was a group of people standing at a building with an official who did a speech (in French) and we all gathered around. The speech finished just prior to 12.00 and the old church chimed 12 times, then the minute of silence, then the French National Anthem was sung by the people. It was very moving and sad.

I have taken a short video of it and will show those who are interested when we get back.

Our tour director Jorjan lives in Nice with his wife (he was born in Germany but has lived in France for quite a few years), and he was actually on the board walk at 10pm just before the attack. He and his wife decided to go home and see the fireworks from the patio of his apartment. The attack has really affected him, and after the minute of silence he just broke down. He is managing to put it behind him while on the trip as he is very friendly and very co-operative. I did ask him if he was a bike rider as he looks just like Chris Rogers, and yes he loves bike riding, hiking, and snow skiing. Jorjen was telling us that the man in the church was trying to close it prior to the minute of silence and French people were telling him off. When he told them the reason they were stunned as they had not even heard of the event. I don't know where they had been for the past few days as it has been on the TV, Radio, newspapers continually.

We then had free time and had lunch at a small café which was extremely slow, and we only ordered two Panini's.

We entered Bordeaux at 4pm and it is a city which has only approx. 210,000 people in it, France's 4th largest city but it has a lot of 4 story buildings all over and looks like the city is bigger than it actually is. We came in via the industrial part of town and I saw a factory that sells the swimming pool retracting roofs like Bradley has over his swimming pool at Bendigo. We passed it so quickly I was not able to take a photo of it. There are also lots of building complexes being built near the docks as they are expecting a large number of people shifting to Bordeaux especially from Paris as property prices are much cheaper, and life is a bit slower.

We had a tour of Bordeaux in our bus going around all the sites like a Hop on Hop off bus. She was very interesting.

Dinner was in the Hotels dining room put on by Scenic. Oh our hotel is very modern and like chalk and cheese to the Medieval castle we had left that morning. The outside of our room door is padded vinyl (strange??????????????)

We finished dinner at 10pm which is far too late but the Hotel staff were quite slow in delivering our food.

Tomorrow we are out in the bus all day, and we are visiting a chateau wine tasting.

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