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Corella's keeping us company during the day.

Neither of us could get particularly motivated to pack up and get back on the road this morning, so after lots of procrastination we decided to stay another day. The wind had died right down and the day was very pleasantly warm. Basically we didn’t do much at all today other than sit around camp reading, crocheting (me obviously) and sleeping! We did take the dogs for another really long walk in the afternoon, but that was about it.

We had a flock of corella’s keep us company for most of the day- there were about 4 groups- 3 in different trees across the river and one eating seeds from the grass beside us. They came really close to the van at one stage- I thought the dogs would chase them off, but they didn’t. It was quite fascinating watching them- every now and then they would all fly together for some reason screeching and calling for a few minutes, before they all settled down again. We have also got zebra finches (definitely identified them this time!), flitting in and out of the shrubs along the river bank just in front of us. A pelican went for a paddle up the river at one point and a white heron came in in the evening for a drink- so plenty of wildlife to keep us entertained!

John, guy who gave us the fish the night before, came over to ask if Ian wanted to go fishing with him tomorrow out at the inlet. The answer of course was yes, so we will be staying here again tomorrow. We have worked out that most of those camping at this site are hard core fishermen and that they have been here for some time. Their camp set ups are quite elaborate- one group even has two quad bikes that they use to ride up and back to the inlet.

The site is definitely off the list for most of the ‘grey nomads’- there is no mass exodus at 8am, so it is really peaceful and quiet. There is the odd generator, but they generally only run for short periods and are not running all day like at some places we have been. Solar is definitely the way to go- we have only used our generator once since we have been away and that was to run the air conditioner at Julia Creek when it was really hot. So, this overnight stop (we haven’t even unhitched the car as yet!) is turning into anything but.

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