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It seems that every day here begins in the same manner. Coffee outdoors in awesome weather, followed by breakfast, chores, and then simply relaxing with a good book.

This morning, Marilyn fixed a nice breakfast of bacon, eggs, toast, coffee, and juice.

We then completed the normal chores, like making the bed, doing dishes, and cleaning the RV inside. I went outdoors to attach some Velcro to the basement fridge doors. That will keep the fridge doors closed when we are on the road.

Marilyn fixed the pillow attachments on our outdoor lounge chairs, so that they would remain in place. (The elastic has been stretched out and no longer holds the pillows in the correct position)

I helped a neighbor get his motorhome out of a tight spot and then took a nice pair of pliers to the office. The pliers belong to a repair guy who left them at the neighbor’s motorhome after doing a minor repair.

While I was in the office talking to the owners I asked if they had found one of those collapsible trash cans, made of canvas-like material, which might belong to our friends, Eddie & Jan.

Sure enough, it had also been turned in and Eddie will soon have his trash can back.

Marilyn & I both spent time outdoors with our books but cooked a late lunch together. Marilyn helped me make salmon patties and then she fried them in butter and served them with the rest of the fresh sweet corn-on-the-cob. That was a fine lunch and I’m pretty sure it required a nap so I tested that theory.

Sure enough, a nap of at least half an hour resulted.

With a day like this, who could complain? Certainly not me.

Life is Good!

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