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Reconnaissance Camera

Peterson's Jacket

Mural Depicting Base Mission

P-14 Recon Plane Model

Peacekeeper ICBM Trainer Interior

Old DEC Computer and Disks

Radar Monitor Similar to One on Cape Cod

Plaque Honoring USAF 50 Year Anniversary

Another stop in Colorado Springs was the Peterson Air and Space Museum. The base on which the museum sits and the museum were named for Lt. Edward Peterson who was killed in a crash. A portion of the base was once the municipal airport for Colorado Springs until WWII when it was repurposed to be a training ground for a photographic reconnaissance squadron. One of the hangars which now houses exhibits was once used by the Broadmoor hotel for airplane storage for wealthy clientele. The museum exhibits include some personal artifacts from Lt. Peterson, an air park with several planes, old DEC computers and disk drives decommissioned from the Cheyenne Mountain Complex, a training simulator for e Peacekeeper missile launch control center, and a radar monitor similar to one used at the Cape Cod base where Bruce worked 47 years ago.

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