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With nothing on the agenda for today, we took our time with our morning coffee. Eddie & Jan both joined us and hinted that a breakfast burrito might be just the right thing for breakfast.

Marilyn & I are both trying to lose a little bit of weight so we resisted the temptation and said “no” to our friends.

Once these fine folks left to seek out a special burrito, Marilyn & I went indoors to finish up the normal chores, then drove to the grocery store.

We noticed that the store had just received a large amount of freshly picked sweet corn, offering them at a decent price; 8 ears for $1. We immediately took advantage of this bargain and took some home with us.

As we were unloading our groceries into the car, we were approached by a lady who appeared to be in her twenties.

She told us that she was homeless and hungry and asked for some money.

I am wary of these types of things and suspected a scam. I told her that I would take her to the nearby McDonalds to buy her some breakfast but we had to get home. I handed her two dollar bills and suggested she get something to eat.

She immediately walked toward the grocery store but didn’t enter. Instead she met three guys standing there and they were all laughing as she showed them the money I had handed to her.

OK, I am a soft touch but it was only a couple of dollars.

Marilyn & I spent the day relaxing and reading, but did fix some of that sweet corn for a late lunch. It was great!!!

We then returned to our reading until around 4:30 when Eddie & Jan invited us to their place for Happy Hour, complete with margaritas and delicious snacks.

We always enjoy our time with these good friends and today was no exception.

Now we are back inside the RV relaxing. Tomorrow is another day.

Life is Good!

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