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The Postcard the Spokes Fighting Strokes share

They are an amazing bunch of determined men and woman!!!!

It was pretty much Just Riding today! We had a bit of a headwind for a few miles but then it was nothing at all!! Not really any hills to worry about, no wind, not even brutal searing sunshine!! In fact it was rather a perfect weather day for riding! Imagine that!!

It doesn't give me much to talk about does it!! But I do have a story for you!! We met the "Spokes Fighting Strokes" Gang!! I had heard of a guy riding across country after he had a stroke. I saw his postcard way back in Tonasket, WA! We caught up with them today and there are 4 riders who have survived strokes and are pedaling their way to Boston to promote Stroke awareness and help in recovery. I cannot help but think about all the people who have said such wonderful things about us, about how amazing we are. Actually I have thought about that a lot, we are doing it because we want to and we can!! These guys are the amazing ones!! This guy came up behind us as we were grinding up one of our favorite hills and FLEW past us on his recumbent bike sharing the biggest brightest smile as he effortlessly left us behind!!! They are traveling with a support RV, and it was so cool to stop and have a chat as they stood there and enticed us to stop by waving chilled Gatorade bottles in the air for us to drink! They are camping next to us tonight, I hope to get a photo of these champions tomorrow. They won't soon be forgotten!!

So that is today's little snippet of motivation. I know everyone's challenges are different, but we all share the fact that we are challenged in one way or another, we all have limitations. It is how we deal with it and search to overcome those obstacles!! And having a little help from a friend is always a bonus!! They are a real team and helping each other!!

We got our 70 miles in today!! I think the closer we get to Fargo, the lower down in elevation we will be dropping!

Hope you are all having a wonderful summer enjoying whatever it is you all enjoy!! Thanks for taking time out of your busy summer to share ours with us!! Don't forget I would love to hear your summer stories too!! I love the emails I have been getting!!

We are hearing of yet another nasty storm brewing. A bit of a dilemna as far as distances and availability of any sort of accommodation for the nex 100 miles!! Hmmmmm . . . This is going to be interesting!!!! Stay tuned!!!!

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