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Both, Eddie & Jan joined us outdoors for coffee this morning. Eddie had to leave to play golf so Marilyn & I agreed to take Jan to town for an appointment in the afternoon. With these good friends, it is like we are all one big family. That sure is a nice way to spend the summer.

Marilyn & I left to get our haircuts at a place called “Great Clips”.

As soon as we arrived back at the RV I took a shower and put on some clean clothing. Marilyn washed her hair and then colored it.

Now isn’t that exciting? It is a fact that sometimes the RV life is no different than the life we had before. We still have to maintain our vehicles, pay bills, and do all of the normal, day to day, routine things which require our attention.

The primary difference is that we have far less to do, now that we are full-time RV’ers. Plus, we tend to do things on our own schedule and seldom get in a hurry to do them. That is sometimes called “Freedom”. LOL

Late in the afternoon, Marilyn & I joined Eddie & Jan for a Happy Hour at their place.

Once we returned inside our RV, Marilyn fixed a simple dinner and then we sat down to relax with some TV, including “BattleBots” which is a show I really enjoy.

We may have to get out for a drive to explore things around Flagstaff tomorrow.

I’ll let you know.

Life is Good!

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